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九年级英语教案:When was it invented

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九年级英语上册Module 12教案
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  基本结构:助动词be(was / were)+及物动词的过去分词

  A thief was caught last night.

  They were asked to speak at the meeting.

  肯定式:It was made.

  否定式:It was not made.

  疑问式:Was it made? No, it wasn’t Yes, it was


  1. 情境导入:warm-up

  A the students to be familiar with the words below according to the pictures on computer.

  Telephone, calculator, car, personal computer, TV, electric light, light bulb, alarm, clock, microwave oven, electric slipper.

  2. 自主学习:presentation

  1) 教学When was the car invented? It was invented in……

  Choose the three inventions of these and ask students to guess when each one was invented.

  For example, you might choose car, telephone, and personal computer.

  Have several different students guess and write the dates on the board. Ask the class to repeat the questions and answers.

  [T=Teacher, S=Student]

  T: When was the car invented ? (Class repeat.)

  T: Good. Now Jackie, what was your guess?

  S1: 1900

  T: OK. Jackie, repeat after me. The car was invented in 1900.

  Repeat the process with several different inventions.

  At last, make students find out the real dates.

  2) 教学Who were the light bulbs invented by? And what are they used for ?

  呈现Edison and light bulbs的画面。

  Tell the students Edison invented light bulbs.

  Then ask the students to answer the questions below.

  T: Who were light bulbs invented by? ( Class repeat )

  T: Good. Now Class repeat after me. They were invented by Edison.

  3. 合作探究:

  1)教学 操练1a, 1c, 2c

  学生看书本上1a的图画,根据图画,把1a, 1c, 2c中的语言点综合起来,叫学生相互间回答问题。并用刚刚学到的目标句型来操练。最后,抽查几对学生,让他们在全班面前,按要求进行对话。

  2)教学1b, 2a, 2b

  首先,帮助学生明确本题的要求。接着,听力练习,学生根据录音内容完成1b, 2a and 2b.



  Consolidation and Extension.


  A some students to read about an invention using an encyclopedia or other book from the library, or by looking up information on the Internet. Have the students write up a short report and draw a simple picture of the invention or bring in a photo of it. Ask each students to show the picture and read his or her report to the class.

  5. 梳理知识:本单元主要学习了一般过去时的被动语态,包括其结构与用法。利用几项发明创造练习这一知识,最后用一篇小报告来完成写作练习。



  1) 1885____________ 2) 1876 ________________ 3) 1927____________

  4) 1976 ________________5) Julie Thompson _________6) Chelsea Lanmon ______







  典型例题解析: 1.--What a nice classroom! --It ____ every day.

  A. is cleaning B. has cleaned C. must clean D. is cleaned

  解析:推测这句话的意思应该是“它每天都被打扫”,考查被动语态的结构be + 动词的过去分词。因此答案应该选D。

  2.I know Beijing well. I ____ there three times.

  A .will go B. have been C. went D. have gone

  解析:推测这句话的意思“我很了解北京,我去过那三次”。表示去过应该采用的时态是现在完成时,因此可排除A和C,区别have been和have gone,have been 去过;have gone 去了(还没回来)。因此应该选择B。


  1.--Look at the sign on the right. --Oh, smoking ____ here.

  A .doesn’t allow B. isn’t allowed C. didn’t allow D. wasn’t allowed

  2. --Will you come to the dinner party? --I won’t come unless Jim ______.

  A. can’t be invited B. was invited C. will be invited D.is invited



  Unit 9 When was it invented?

  Section B

  教师寄语:Virtue never grows old. 美德永不老。









  We repaired the motor.

  The motor was repaired by us.


  1.情境导入: Warm – up:

  A the students to practice speaking.

  A: When was …… invented ?

  A: Who was it invented by ?

  B: It was invented by ……

  A: What is it used for ?

  B: It is used for ……

  2. 自主学习:Presentation.

  1) 教学helpful, annoying

  A students to give some examples to show what each word means. For example.

  A vacuum cleaner is helpful. A very loud truck is annoying.

  2) 教学3a

  呈现alarm clock, light bulb, microwave over, tea, and so on的画面。Then ask the students the following questions.

  T: Is the light bulb useful or annoying ? ( Opinions may differ. )

  S1: I think it’s useful.

  T: Why is it ?

  S1: Well, it gives people more time to work and play every day.

  Then ask the students to make a list of five helpful inventions and five annoying inventions on their own. Give the class about five minutes to do this.

  3.合作探究: 教学 操练3b

  A the students to work in pair the following talk using the target language.

  A: What do you think is the most helpful / annoying invention?

  B: I think the most helpful / annoying invention is ……

  A: Why is that ?

  B: Well, it gives people……

  4. 拓展创新:Consolidation and Extension

  Imagine that you are alone on a tiny island, Choose five inventions you would like to have on the island with you. Tell the group what you chose and why.

  5. 梳理归纳:





  p; 1. She was seen to come out of the library by him.(变被动语态)

  2. When are trees often planted?(变被动语态)

  3. The League was founded in Guangzhou in 1922(就画线部分提问)

  4. Did the students wear the school clothes a lot ?(变被动语态)

  5. Kate took god care of the baby yesterday evening.(变被动语态)

  6.His aunt bought him a bicycle.(变被动语态)

  7.His aunt bought him a bicycle.(变被动语态)


  1.老人们被照顾地很好。The old ______ ______ after well.

  解析: 这个题主要考查被动语态的结构be + 动词的过去分词和应用,在本题中应该是be looked after.

  2.You can use the box ______ the toys.

  A. carry B. carrying C. to carry D. carried

  解析:在这个题目考查一个短语的应用 use sth to do利用某物做某事,因此答案为C。


  1.Although Tom failed the game, _____ he said he would try again.

  A. \ B. and C. but D. because

  2. I must practice _____ English, because it’s important while talking with a foreigner.

  A. speak B. to speak C. speaking D.speaks

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